Environmental Market – Staff Experience & Background

Before launching Benkovich & Association in 1981, Jim Benkovich had an extensive background in sales and marketing of environmental products and systems in North America.

In 1975 he was one of several co-authors of Pollution Engineering Practice Handbook.  He participated in the first White House sponsored Environmental Conference in 1974.

While Vice President Sales & Marketing of Hycor (Hydrocyclonics), he authored several trade magazine articles. As president of Benkovich & Associates, he has co-authored several articles in trade magazines with our clients.

Benkovich has hands-on sales and marketing management and has been a key player in go-to-market programs for several rapidly growing and start up companies who compete in both national and global markets. 

Benkovich held the following sales and marketing positions before starting Benkovich & Associates:
  • Sales engineer - Welles Products, innovator of the first floating high speed aerator
  • First national sales manager, Aqua-Aerobic Systems, manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems
  • Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Hycor (Hydrocyclonics). Started company with owner, Don Welles and  launched new fine screen technology, Rotostrainers®, which practically replaced most conventional vibrating screens in the food (beef, pork, poultry and seafood) processing industries for waste water solids reduction and by-product recover.
Recruited over 30 outstanding independent sales representative covering the US and Canada.