Environmental Market – Environmental Technology Competences

Water treatment
  • Raw water screening
  • High purity water treatment systems
  • Water storage tanks & covers
Waste,water treatment
  • Headworks - pumping, screening, grit removal, storm water screening
  • Primary clarification, anaerobic digestion
  • Aeration systems; floating aerators, course & fine bubble diffusers
  • Secondary clarification
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Polishing filtration
Bio solids
  • Anaerobic & aerobic digestion
  • Storage and mixing Odor control
  • Liquid storage covers
  • Biofiltration systems
  • Leachate - primary & secondary containment
Slurry walls
  • Containment systems for stopping underground contamination
Vacuum toilet & collection systems
  • Ships (Navy, cruise), marinas, trains, and commercial aircraft
Mobile oil recovery systems
  • Emergency or stand by oil removal craft for oil spills on rivers, lakes and oceans